How To Use Tool Wraps

How To Use Tool Wraps

Using tool wraps is very similar to using aluminium foils. However, instead of wrapping food, you are most likely wrapping tools, dies, jigs and fixtures (we hope!).

The main objective is to make sure that the tool you are wrapping is completely sealed at the edges, making air unable to escape nor enter the package. To achieve this, use a wrap large enough to cover the complete tool, die or part at least twice (top and bottom) with the allowance for over lapping by at least 3 inches all around. You want to be able to fold the edges over at least twice.

Next, cut the measured wrap you need with snips or scissors. Wraps are usually .002” (or 0.05mm) thick and can be cut easily. Make sure you wear thick industrial gloves that prevent cuts from sharp edges.

Once you have folded the wrap and expelled as much air as you can, use a seam roller to flatten the edges to ensure a proper and airtight seam.

For better visualization, please watch our video below!