What Are Shaft Collars?

What Are Shaft Collars?

Shaft collars are one of the simplest and yet essential used as mechanical stoppers or for holding other parts in place. They are used extensively in the power transmission industry for holding bearings, pulleys and sprockets onto fixed immovable points. Shaft collars are also used in electric motors and gearboxes for preventing unwanted motion of attached components.

Shaft collars have a wide range of applications. They are used in almost every machine or industry having any operations related to power transmission or rotation. Shaft collars are used in umbrellas, flag poles and medical equipment. They are used in automobiles, aircraft engines, bicycles, and in different amusement rides for holding shafts, components and bearing in place.

Depending on the design, shape and profile of a shaft collar, the basic principle involves fastening and securing a collar onto a shaft by using a screw. The collar acts as a stop or as a supporting point for structures.

The reasons for using shaft collars are as varied as they are popular, and there is no single reason as to why or how they should be used. There are many types of shaft collars to suit almost any application. The most common profiles are a single piece, a shaft collar with slit and two-piece split shaft collars.

Figure 1: A shaft collar being used to hold parts of a ceiling support structure in place.

Figure 2: Shaft collars in use within a electrical structure

Figure 3: A shaft collar being used on a lamp post