How It Works

How it works

Ordering with us is easy. There are two ways to do it. Please read the instructions below.

First way:

1.       Select your items and input them into your Purchase Order.

2.       Email us your Purchase Order. We will contact you within 2 hours with an order acknowledgement and payment processing.

Second way:

1.       Register with us.

2.       Choose your item(s) and click on “Add to Cart” button.

3.       Once you are done, click on “Checkout”.

4.       Under Step 2, “Billing Details”, select billing address.

5.       Under Step 3, “Delivery Details”, select delivery address.  Delivery within Singapore is free.

6.       Under Step 4, “Delivery Method”, select shipping method. For overseas customers, please select your courier and provide account number.

7.       Under Step 5, “Payment Method”, select payment method. For credit card payments, please provide an email address so that we can send you a Paypal link.

8.       We will contact you within 2 hours with an order acknowledgement.

That’s it!

Note: we do not have a trade counter. Kindly direct your enquiries to us online or over the phone.