1. Who Are We?

1a. Where are you from?

We are from the sunny island of Singapore!

1b. When were you established?

We have been in operation since 2011.

1c. Are you trustworthy?

Yes, we are! Our identity can be verified with our manufacturers and honest reviews from our own satisfied real-life customers.

1d. Why should I buy from you?

We are a distributor for well-established brands and manufacturers, and have direct contact with what we package and sell. We are not a drop-shipping company, nor do we simply transfer shipping labels prepackaged cartons. Every product we sell goes through our warehouse and are hand-packed by our own staff, so you will get the quality assurance that you pay for.

2. Orders And Payment

2a. How can I place an order?

- Add items to your cart. After you are done shopping, please go to checkout and complete the purchase by keying in your address details. Or,

- Gather the items you need, create a Purchase Order (PO) and email it to us!

2b. How can I change my order?

Simply email or Whatsapp to us with your order reference and we will take it from there.

2c. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may, as long as your hasn't been shipped.

2d. I ordered wrongly. Can I exchange my item?

Yes, you may. We will need your help to cover the freight charges incurred for the exchange, though.

2e. How can I pay?

We only accept credit cards for our online store. Please contact us directly if you wish to utilize PayNow and wire transfers.

3. Shipping

3a. Do you sell and ship internationally?

Yes we do! Our goods will reach wherever international couriers will go.

3b. How are orders shipped?

All orders in Singapore are sent by local couriers or can be collected from our office. International orders are delivered by FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS.

3c. Can I ship goods on my own courier account?

Yes, you may. Please let us know your preferred courier and account number during checkout.

3d. I don't have a courier account. Can I still order?

Yes, you may. Please choose the FedEx freight prepaid option and we will take care of shipping for you.

4. Products

4a. What (or what else) do you sell?

We sell a wide range of tool room products including shims, shaft collars, fasteners, holding brackets and cutting tools, among others. Our aim is to help you get what you are doing up to speed, in the best possible scenario and environment. For example, if you are using a cutting machine and one of the legs is not aligned, use our shims to balance it so you can get back to work quickly!

4b. Are all your items in stock?

Most of our items are in stock. Items not in stock will be indicated in their availability section.

4c. If an item is not in stock how long does it take for me to receive my item?

An item not in stock will usually take 7 to 10 days before it can be shipped out to you. 

5. Pricing

5a. Are you the cheapest?

No, we are not. Nevertheless, our products are priced competitively. We factor shipping, labour and raw materials costs into our products. What you pay for helps us cover these costs and a small margin for our profits, to keep us sane enough to offer you personalized service before or when you place an order. Instead of talking to robots, you get access to our human staff who will help you with any sales and technical queries!

5b. Why should I pay more for your products?

Transparency and convenience! Our products are provided with drawings and material certificates, where possible, so you know exactly what you are getting. Buying from us is convenient because you know straight away if they work for you, and not have to waste time shopping elsewhere to compare!