Ergomat Optimal Smooth ESD Mat, L90 x W60 x T1.27 cm, EPDM (Grey), OPTIMAL0203-ESD

Ergomat Optimal Smooth ESD Mat, L90 x W60 x T1.27 cm, EPDM (Grey), OPTIMAL0203-ESD
Brand: Ergomat
Product Code: OPTIMAL0203-ESD
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Description: Ergomat Optimal Smooth ESD Floor Mat
Material: Foamed EPDM
Colour: Grey
L (without Beveled Edges): 91cm +/- 1%
W (without Beveled Edges): 60cm +/- 1%
Thickness, t: 12.7mm
Hardness: 85 +/- 5 Sh A, ISO 7619
Residual Indentation: 0.10mm EN433
Abrasion Resistance: 200mm³ ISO 4649 (Met.A- 5N)
Dimensional Stability: 0.4% EN434
Thermic Resistance: 0.020 M2K/W DIN 52612
Electrical Resistance: 5 x 106 Ω Ohm IEC-613404-11
Electrostatic Charge When Walked On: ≤ 2 antistatic kV EN1815
Resistance To Stains: Resistant EN 423
Acoustic Insulation When Walked Upon: 10 dB ISO 140-8
Slipping Resistance: R9 0.60 DIN 51130 BCRATORTUS TEST ASTM D 2047-93
Colour Fastness to Artificial Light: In accordance ISO 105-B02 Met. 3
Cigarette Burns: in accordance EN1399
Fire Behavior: B1 DIN 4102
Flexibility: No fissuring EN435
Effect of a Castor Chair: Suitable EN435
Warranty: 3 years
Quantity Per Package: 1 pc
Country of Origin: Poland

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Ergomat Optimal Smooth ESD Specs1.59MB Download
Tags: Floor Mat, Floor Mat EPDM, Floor Mat Excellent Against Water, Floor Mat Excellent Against Slip, Floor Mat For Electrostatic Dissipation

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