Shaft Collars

Shaft Collars

Ready to ship to you in a wide assortment of materials and sizes, our set collars provide easy mounting of brackets, plates, and more!  Shaft collars also come in a variety of designs. Some of these include separated, split and hexagonal. We offer a huge variety of standard basic shaft collars, two, three, and four hole shaft collars, threaded holes, countersunk holes, D-Cut type with and without threaded holes, hex type, key-way, and many more, as well as accessories such as butterfly bolts, soft pad bolts, and urethane dampers. With such a large selection available, you are bound to find the exact shaft collar you have been searching for to use on current or future projects!

The shaft collar is a simple, yet important, machine component found in many power transmission applications, most notably motors and gearboxes. These collars are used as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces. The simple design lends itself to easy installation.  Shaft collars are also available in steel S45C, stainless steel SUS304 and aluminium A2017. They are also available in different finishes such as black oxide, trivalent chromate, cadmium, nickel and zinc plating. 

You may search for your required shaft collar either by the design type or by your shaft diameter. This is where we will list all the different shaft collars that correspond to your desired shaft diameter. For further help or information, please email us at [email protected] or call our customer care at +65 6760 3877.

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