Line Pro Floor Marking Tapes

Line Pro Floor Marking Tapes

Get all your heavy duty floor marking tapes from our Line Pro range. Featuring the strongest adhesive on the market, we have the largest variety of floor marking and line tapes for all of your indoor industrial use. These heavy duty line tapes are recommended for indoor use. The adhesive is extra strong, but leaves little residue after peeling off.

Each roll of heavy duty line tape is 1.0mm wide. It is made of PVC with high oil and water resistance. This low residue heavy duty line tape doesn’t leave stickiness on the surface when removed. With a wide range of tapes to choose from, we carry an extensive range of color and widths – including high reflectant tape and black/yellow diagonal stripes. You are guaranteed to find the right industrial heavy duty tape for all your indoor industrial needs. 

Order your industrial heavy duty line tape today! For help with your industrial tape needs, contact our customer care team for finding the right fit for all of your industrial needs. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +65 6760 3877.

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