Trims and Trim Seals

Trims and Trim Seals

Trims and Trim Seals refer broadly to our range of plastic and rubber products that are used to protect material edges or provide damping support, depending on which product you choose. Some can provide a single purpose while choosing others can offer you the best of both worlds. Generally, for protection of plate edges, please look under Edge Trims.

TBG (Anti-bacterial) Edge Trims are used in food environments, while Edge Guards are used together with Chrome surfaces. Rubber Edge Trims, as the name suggests, are made of rubber and do not have aluminium cores, thus making them more flexible. 

Trim Seals are generally used for protecting edges while offering damping support. For more heavy-duty usage, you may look under Molded Seals. Flap Seals should be considered if you are looking to protect the base area of doors. Finally, Rubber Seals, like Rubber Edge Trims, are made without aluminium cores. This makes them softer and offers more flexibility during installation.

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