Look no further than our large selection of durable washers, shims, and spacers – offering precise adjustment to fit any gap for any project!  Available in a wide assortment of thicknesses from 0.005 mm up to 6 mm, we offer both square and round washer styles, C type shims, one and two groove shims, shim plates, shim boxes, and shim rings in many styles to choose from. Our high quality shims and spacers are perfect for height adjustments, positioning ball bearings, and centering pillow blocks – perfect for a countless number of home and work projects! Get all your shim requirements from our range of precision shims. Generally, precision shims are are used for

a) space alignment in the form of shim plates, shim washers and shim rolls, and

b) bearing adjustment, through bearing shims, and centering of motor bases, in the form of motor shims.

Precision shims are available in different materials. We are able to supply steel shims, hardened steel shims, stainless steel shims, brass shims, copper shims, aluminium shims and plastic shims. Not only these, we also have metric shims and imperial shims to suit any gaps that applies to your drawing or application. Our metric shim thickness start from 0.005 mm, up to 6 mm. For imperial measurements, our smallest thickness starts from .0005", up to .250".

A precision shim is available in fixed width and length dimensions, or custom-built shim to accommodate any environment. We are a trusted shims supplier Singapore has to offer. Besides serving the Singapore market, our customers come from the world over. So start enquiring with us today! You may contact us either using our email [email protected] or call us at +65 6760 3877.


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